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Useful References for the Development of Web Applications

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ECMA specification

J2EE Get the Specifications.
(Found at java.sun.com >> J2EE >> Technologies:Enterprise JavaBeans).

Ed Roman et al., Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans, Wiley (second edition, 2002).

Marty Hall, more Servlets and JavaServer Pages, Prentice Hall, 2002.

JBoss http://www.jboss.org/docs/index
XDoclets Source Forge Site. Look for Tag References   ejb (@ejb @dao),   jboss (@jboss) and   web (@web, @jsp).
Documentation found in XDoclets library .jar files, referenced in the installation page.
Struts Struts documentation found in struts-documentation.war. Look in User Guide under Nightly Build. Note that you can load this .war file in JBoss !.
JavaCC Home site
Ant Home site