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Computer Networking Laboratory (LTI)

Director: Prof. Claude PETITPIERRE (+41 21 693'26'50 )
Secretary: Mme Claire-Lise COSCIA (+41 21 693'46'55, fax +41 21 693'66'00 )
Scientific collaborator: Paul-Louis MEYLAN (+41 21 693'47'13 )
Assistant: Biljana BAJIC (+41 21 693'81'82 )
Assistant: Salman MIRGHASEMI (+41 21 693'67'76 )
Fernando PEDONE
Jagannath AGHAV
Christoph SPRENGER


A framework to generate applications and DSLs from templates.

Wood Computer

  A toy computer made of chains, wheels and cams on a wooden board.

Software Engineering

  Book presenting the constituents of an application and an approach to build one.
  Web site


Current Interests of the Laboratory

The LTI is interested in all methods that allow a software engineer to specify, analyze, implement and test concurrent, distributed and reactive applications.

It is teaching a course for the high school professors, for which it has developed several tutorials (in French).  LemanOS 
It is now developing a language, called WebLang, that can describe the components of a Web based application (with JSPs, Struts, EJBs, Applets...)
Synchronous objects into Javascript: A multi-threaded version of Javascript running in all browsers
Previous Results of the Laboratory

The LTI has studied a concept of synchronous object that draws on actors, but that is much closer to formal analysis methods such as CCS (calculus of communicating systems by Milner), SPL (simple programming language by Manna and Pnueli) or Promela/SPIN (Holzmann).

The LTI is also interested in interactive teaching (see below). The laboratory has built a C course that uses an XML based browser presenting the pages and the exercises of the course. This Java program can ask questions in various ways and can easily be extended. It has been used successfully by more than 400 students.

Research Summer Institute - Talk by Sanjiva Prasad (21.7.2003) Teaching Tools


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1998 - C. Petitpierre, sC++, Programmation pseudo-parallèle orientée objet, PPUR, 1998, Lausanne.

Doctoral theses

G. Conti, "Méthodologie d'implantation des protocoles de communication", thesis no 842, 1990.
J. Gustafsson, "Handling of Abstract Data Types in Protocol Specifications", thesis no 1076, 1992.
B. Brunner, "Implementing Communications within High Speed Systems: Synchronization and Protocols", thesis no 1145, 1993.
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D. Vo Duc, "Deadlock detection for synchronous Java", thesis no 3732, 2007.
S Mirghasemi, "Querypoint Debugging (Semi-Automated Inspection of Buggy Execution)", thesis no 5533, 2012.

Main Publications
  • 2006 - VO Duc Duy, C. Petitpierre, Model Checking for Synchronous Java, 15th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering SEDE?06. Los Angeles, USA.

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  • 2002 - C. Petitpierre, Synchronous Active Objects Introduce CSP's Primitive in Java, CAP'02, Reading, September 2002.

  • 2002 - C. Petitpierre, A. Eliens, Active Objects Provide Robust Event-Driven Applications, SERP'02, Las Vegas, June 2002.

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  • 1998 - Petitpierre C. - An Event-Driven Programming Paradigm Compatible with OO-Programming, internal report. HTML and postscript versions

    Sources of the programs referenced in the paper: Java Motif

  • 1998 - Petitpierre C. - Synchronous C++, a Language for Interactive Applications, IEEE Computer, September 1998, 65-72.

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  • 9th Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, Implementation and Validation Methods Applied to SSCOP

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  • Euromicro, Implementing Real-Time Applications with Concurrent Objects

  • FORTE'94, Modelling and Verfication of a Multiprocessor Realtime OS Kernel

  • FORTE'93, An Object Oriented Method for Implementing Layered Protocols

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Collaborations with industry
  • Development of a Multicom with LIGHTNING